3 Maui Drone Inspection Facts

20November 2019

When it comes to Maui drone inspection facts, there are many people who either don’t know enough about drones or got the wrong idea about what a drone inspection entails.

The fact that modern technology is evolving at such a rapid pace has inevitably lead to a series of myths and misconceptions that homeowners or commercial building owners actually believe. So, if you’re looking to learn more about Maui drone inspections, take a quick look at the facts below.

1. Can drones be used for building inspections? – Yes

Developments of drone technology over the past decade allow us to use drones for a multitude of purposes.

First, it’s important to keep in mind that drones have been around for many, many years. However, it’s only recently that roof inspectors have turned to the technology to perform more thorough, high quality inspections of homes or commercial buildings.

From a commercial point of view, there are many businesses that leverage the “power” of drones and roofing professionals around the island are definitely using this technology to their advantage – so that they can offer better quality services to their clients.

All in all, when it comes to Maui drone inspections, it’s safe to say that drones can definitely be used to perform building and roof inspections. They’re much safer when compared to inspecting a building the traditional way, they’re faster and in many cases, they can be even more cost effective.

2. Are drones toys? – Yes and no

One of the most interesting Maui drone inspection facts is that many people believe that drones are not professional instruments, but toys.

Well, in some case, the affirmation is true.

Some drones, less expensive and less professional ones, are definitely sold on the market as toys. People everywhere became fascinated by the thought of flying a drone so many have taken drone flying as a hobby.

For some, flying a drone remained nothing more than a fun way to pass their time. For others though, a simple hobby has quickly turned into an actual career.

This is where professional drone equipment comes into play. For true professionals – be it roofing inspectors, be it photographers, etc – investing in quality equipment has become a priority. That said, in this case a drone is no longer a toy, but a work instrument.

When it comes to roof inspections on Maui, drone inspection services are gaining ground rather quickly. Inspecting a roof or a building by flying a drone over it definitely comes with a series of great advantages. So, if you need to hire a professional to thoroughly inspect your roof, don’t hesitate to call Island Independence today and learn more about our drone inspection service.

3. Can anyone perform a drone inspection? – No

While anyone can learn how to fly a drone, not everyone can perform a roof inspection.

In order for a roof inspection to be done professionally, you’ll definitely need to hire a contractor with experience. Only a true professional will have the right equipment to perform a thorough inspection and the knowledge to interpret the images and video caught during the flight.