7 Great Advantages of a Maui Drone Inspection

5August 2019

Modern technology today allows roofing contractors and other professionals to perform Maui drone inspection services on residential and commercial buildings on the island.

But are there any advantages of drone based inspections?

Manual building inspections present certain challenges that a drone inspections can easily overcome. That in mind, here are the main advantages that come with Maui drone inspection services.

A Maui drone inspection is safer than manual inspections

Obviously, flying a drone over the top of a building is a much safer way to inspect its general condition. Aerial inspections replace the need for workers to physically climb up the roof of an environment and watch out for slippery areas, wind or other potentially dangerous factors while they’re up there.

Drones allow you to assess the condition of areas that are difficult to reach

Speaking of safety, Maui drone inspections allow building owners to assess the condition of a building from angles that are difficult to reach. An unmanned aerial vehicle can be instructed to hover over certain places that either can’t be accessed or pose a risk.

An aerial inspection in Maui is faster than a manual one

Launching a drone to perform an inspection takes minutes, whereas climbing on top of a building and sliding down the side of it using a rope system takes time. For instance, if you’re faced with an emergency, it’s much faster to request a drone inspection on Maui rather than book the service of a professional who needs to climb up your building and manually inspect it for damage.

Drones have the ability to cover various inspection needs

The human eye can capture a limited amount of data, whereas a drone can suit a variety of inspection needs. This is especially helpful for professionals performing roof top inspections. Drones have the ability to take high resolution photos, capture quality video of the roof or the side of a building and even take thermal images and gather and share the information rather quickly, compared to conventional, manual methods.

Drone inspections can be performed without shutting down any equipment

Thorough manual inspections typically require building owners to shut down certain equipment in order to avoid injuries to the inspection personnel. A Maui drone inspection, however, can be safely performed with little to no downtime for your systems.

Drone roof inspections can capture important, high resolution data

When maneuvered correctly by a pro, drones have the ability to avoid obstacles and hover very close to building areas that are difficult to reach, allowing you to capture important in-depth data. A drone can capture high quality images or videos that can clearly show any damage, leaks, cracks or other defects at angles that humans may not.

A Maui drone inspection will save you time and money

Last but definitely not least, a Maui drone inspection will minimize the cost and the time required to setup an old fashioned system for a building inspection.

Modern technology today removes the need to invest in heavy equipment and large pickup trucks for every job. Instead, an aerial inspection will take a lot less time, it’s safer for everyone and it’s even more cost effective.