Maui Drone Roof Inspection Services

At Island Independence, we offer professional Maui drone roof inspection services for residential and commercial buildings.

From leaks and other types of damage that can lead to costly repairs if left unchecked, our team of experienced roofing contractors will thoroughly inspect everything around your building exterior.

What is a drone?

An “unmanned aerial vehicle” (UAV) – also known as a drone – is an aerial vehicle controlled remotely by a person.

Drones are widely used for many reasons – from simple hobbies to military purposes – but lately, they’re becoming a must-have tool for roof and building inspections, among other professional uses.

Why are drones used for Maui drone roof inspections?

Drones come in different sizes and some UAVs are able to carry other items beside themselves. One good example is the ability of drones to carry or have a built-in high resolution camera.

These cameras can be linked to a screen or to a remote control and, during a Maui drone roof inspection, the operator can see and analyze high resolution images captured in real time during the flight. This is a great way to thoroughly inspect a building faster and without worrying about the safety factor.

What are the benefits of drone inspection services on Maui?

Maui drone roof inspection services come with many advantages. Here’s what you can expect from working with a professional roofing contractor on the island who can bring drone technology into action:

  • Maui drone roof inspections can help you get access to building areas that are difficult to reach

There are many buildings and structures around Maui that are difficult to inspect in certain areas. In some cases, obstructions may even make it impossible or dangerous to perform a thorough inspection.

Drones, however, can hover over the desired area of a building that’s difficult to access and help you obtain a quality visual of what the human eye wouldn’t be able to reach.

  • Obtaining aerial images is a faster and a more cost effective way to assess the condition of a building

Manual inspections take time and often, they may cost a fortune. A Maui drone roof inspection, on the other hand, is speedier and much more cost effective.

  • Aerial roof inspections are much safer than manual inspections

Drone roof inspections replace the need for a roofing professional to hop on the top of a building and repel down the side of it using ropes, all the while pausing along the way to look for damage. For this reason alone, it’s safe to say that aerial roof inspections are more secure.

  • Quality drone cameras can reveal aerial images of damages that the human eye might miss

Last but definitely not least, Maui drone roof inspection services offer you the visual clarity the human eye may miss.

At Island Independence, we use high resolution cameras that can reveal any flaws or damage on your building in a modern, efficient way.

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