9 Problems That Could Surround an Old Home Remodel on Maui

7December 2018

Whether you already live in an older home or are considering buying one, you should be aware of the problems that usually surround and old home remodel on Maui.

Older homes may have a lot of character, but before jumping head first into an old home remodel project, there are certain issues you should become familiar with first.

Knowing what to expect when hiring a general contractor on Maui will help you a great deal with setting a realistic budget for the project and it will help you prepare for the most common challenges you may encounter. Here’s what an old home remodel on Maui could entail.

Remodel Old House on Maui

1. During an old home remodel on Maui, you may encounter foundation issues

Uneven floors, doors and windows that do not properly latch or drywall cracks are just a few signs that you may need to hire someone to inspect your foundation thoroughly.

2. Roofing problems are not uncommon when it comes to older houses

Leaky roofs or water spots should raise a red flag. Hire a roofing contractor if you’re about to remodel an old home and make sure you fix your roof immediately.

3. When renovating an old home, you may encounter waterproofing issues

Waterproofing your home is an important step when you’re remodeling. If your old home was not properly waterproofed in the past, it’s time to hire a waterproofing contractor who can fix the problem right away.

4. Infestations are often a problem in older homes

Termites, wasps or rodents are often a problem in older homes. If you’re about to invest in an old home remodel on Maui, make sure you investigate possible infestation problems as soon as possible.

5. An old home remodel usually calls for replacing old windows and doors

Whether or not you have problems with your foundation, you should still inspect all your windows and doors when you remodel. The smallest crack near a window could turn into a major problem later on.

6. Outdated electrical wiring and plumbing are often an issue

Plumbing problems and old electrical wiring are common issues in old homes. Don’t let that scare you, but make sure you hire an expert to take care of any possible safety hazard.

7. Your “new” old home may have an outdated layout

Back in the day, homes were often built to include tiny rooms and dark, long corridors. Today, however, such a layout is outdated. Consult a contractor on Maui to see how you can modernize your home.

8. Bad home renovation work done in the past may be a problem in the present

During an old home remodel project, discovering certain “improvements” is not uncommon. Make sure you hire an experienced contractor on Maui who can fix any issues and undo the mistakes previous owners may have made.

9. Some materials used to build your home in the past may not be available today

A common problem with old home remodel projects today is finding the materials that will match your home’s character. Original materials may be hard to find, so make sure you prepare your budget to match the desired outcome of your old home remodel project.