6 Maui Waterproofing Solutions For Your Home

31October 2018

Finding efficient Maui waterproofing solutions is essential for every homeowner on the island.

With the recent natural events and high possibility of rain during winter, it’s recommended that you waterproof your home right away.

Water damage and damp represent big threats for a property. The smallest leak that can allow water to infiltrate your home can cause some serious and very costly problems.

Luckily, there are many Maui waterproofing solutions you can consider in order to protect your home.

Water damage can build up in time and soon enough, a problem that could have been prevented in one afternoon could become a disaster. Don’t allow that to happen and learn more about some of the most efficient Maui waterproofing solutions you can put into practice right now.

House Waterproofing Solutions Maui

1. Maui waterproofing solutions: Protect our roof from water damage

Protecting your roof from water damage is crucial.

The roof plays an important part if the structure of your home and it’s the first line of protection against water damage. It’s important to maintain a clean roof – by removing any dead leaves, fallen branches and debris – and waterproof it, if you haven’t done that already.

Make sure your plumbing and all your shingles are intact, verify that all your vents are properly sealed and call a roofing contractor on Maui immediately if you notice any signs of damage.

2. Cleaning your gutters regularly will help prevent standing water problems

Gutters may not be a pleasure to clean, but keeping them free of obstructions should prevent them from overflowing or creating any standing water problems. If there’s even a slight chance that water can get into your walls or in your basement, make sure to clean your gutters right away.

3. Installing waterproof windows is a must in order to keep water at bay

Old window frames or improperly installed ones may not be efficient enough to keep the water at bay. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you seal them well or install new, waterproof windows for your home, for maximum waterproofing efficiency.

4. Waterproofing the doors is a good idea in order to avoid water damage

Wooden doors can easily swell in wet weather and moisture can quickly pose a problem. You can either attempt to prevent that from happening or install new, modern doors that are waterproof efficient.

5. The best Maui waterproofing solutions always include waterproofing the basement

Typically, basement floors are 2″ to 4 inches thin. This means that the risk of water damage is quite high. The smallest crack that allows water to enter your house can cause serious problems.

Don’t allow that to happen and waterproof your basement as soon as possible. An experienced waterproofing contractor can advice you on the best way to proceed and can help prevent damages.

6. Don’t forget about your exterior walls if you want to prevent water from entering your home

In order to fully protect your home from water damage, you need to make sure you waterproof your walls.

Contact a waterproofing contractor today and see what are the best Maui waterproofing solutions that can help protect your home from water damage.