Maui Drone Inspections Pros and Cons

3October 2019

If you’re researching the best ways to inspect a roof, you’re probably wondering about the Maui drone inspections pros and cons.

Truth be told, a drone inspection is a much better option than manually inspecting a building. But of course, just like with any other service, there are benefits and there are drawbacks that characterize the service.

Without any further ado, here are the Maui drone inspections pros and cons you should keep in mind the next time you’re looking for a professional to take a look at your roof.

Maui drone inspections pros and cons: let’s talk about the benefits

As you know, you should have your roof inspected periodically so that you can find or prevent possible damage. During a roof inspection, a professional will start looking for any cracks, leaks or other signs of damage.

Traditionally, inspections are performed by a professional climbing up the roof and inspecting it. However, modern technology today allows us to conduct roof inspections in a more professional way, by flying a drone over your property and capturing images that can easily help assess the condition of a roof.

That in mind, it’s clear that the greatest advantage is the safety factor. When a roofing inspector climbs up a building, there’s always the slight possibility that they may fall or get injured. Or, they may walk on fragile shingles and cause more damage. When a drone is used, there’s no need to worry about any of this. By not having to climb up the roof, professionals can reduce the risk of an accident happening to zero.

Speaking of walking on a fragile roof, there are roofs on Maui that are so fragile or damaged, they shouldn’t be inspected manually in the first place. Another example of a roof that can’t be thoroughly inspected is one that presents very steep pitches.

In these scenarios, conducting a manual inspection is either impossible or too difficult to be performed thoroughly. So, if you’re wondering about the Maui drone inspections pros and cons, keep this aspect in mind. A drone can hover over any roof, in any condition and “take a good look” at it.

Drawbacks of a roof drone inspection on Maui

If you’re looking for Maui drone inspections pros and cons, you’re probably expecting to learn about the drawbacks of using modern technology to inspect a roof.

First, let’s just say that drones lack the human touch, literally. While a drone can definitely take high quality, high resolution pictures and video of your roof and “see” damage that the human eye probably can’t, a gadget can’t literally touch and feel the roof. Whereas, a roofing professional can tell you more about the condition of your roof if they can “feel” the shingles.

Of course, this isn’t that big of a problem. After all, if a roof inspector suspects anything, they can always ‘land’ the drone and then climb up the roof to “feel” it.

And of course, using a drone to inspect your roof may come with the disadvantage that… your neighbors may not like it. Drones are pretty small, but they tend to be a bit noisy. So, before you book an appointment with your roof inspector, make sure you let your neighbors know there’s going to be a drone flying around your home on a certain date and time interval.