Maui Drone Gutter Inspection – 5 Facts You Need to Know

16December 2019

How much do you know about a Maui drone gutter inspection?

Is it cost effective? Is it safe? And the most important question of all: is it worth it?

With technology advancing at such a rapid pace, more and more homeowners on the island are torn between booking an “old fashioned” inspection or a Maui drone gutter inspection for their homes.

You know what they say, if it ain’t broke, why fix it? If the classic approach to inspecting gutters worked well so far, why change things just because drones today are used for a multitude or purposes?

Without any further ado, here are a few facts you probably need to know before ditching the idea of a Maui drone gutter inspection.

1. Before talking about a Maui drone gutter inspection, what’s a drone?

A drone is a pretty useful instrument, also known as an unmanned aerial vehicle. It’s a very useful gadget – not to be confused with a toy! – on which you can attach a high resolution camera and capture high quality images or video as you fly it up around a home.

2. Why are drones useful for gutter inspection?

As you may have heard, drones are useful in a wide variety of situations. Roof and gutter inspections are only a couple examples of where a professional can use a drone.

That in mind, an UAV makes capturing images and video of objects very easy. For instance, if you suspect your gutters are damaged, a Maui drone gutter inspection may be the ideal way to find out where the damage is and fix it.

You see, a traditional gutter inspection entails erecting scaffolding to find out where the damage is and then repair it. The scaffolding itself takes some time to set up and a manual inspection could take hours, if not a whole day.

Using a drone for a gutter inspection, on the other hand, can save you a lot of time! Instead of waiting forever to find out where the damage is, you can fly a drone over your roof, find out exactly where the damage is and what needs to be repaired and get the job done in no time.

3. Is it safe to fly a drone and inspect someone’s gutters?

Yes. Flying a drone above your home is definitely safer than having a real person climb up the roof.

4. What about the cost, is a Maui drone gutter inspection cost effective?

You may think that a Maui drone gutter inspection is crazy expensive, but it’s really not. A manual inspection could take hours and in the end, it may end up costing you more than using a drone to inspect your roof or gutters. Keep this in mind the next time you need to hire a professional for an inspection.

5. Bottom line: why use drones for gutter inspection?

While the human touch can’t be replaced by a drone and the expertise of a professional counts a great deal when it comes to performing an inspection, it’s safe to say that a Maui drone gutter inspection is well worth it.

To find out more about drone roof inspections or Maui drone gutter inspections, call Island Independence today!