Types of Maui Fencing and Why You Need One

30October 2020

The type of Maui fencing you opt for will not only have an impact on your home’s exterior design but also enhances your sense of security. Whether you’re considering a new installation or replacement, we’ve made a list of the different types of Maui fencing you can choose from to help you get started.

Types of Maui Fencing

You can choose any of these Maui fencing option:

1. Wood Fencing

Wood fencing is the most common Maui fencing type. It gives Maui homeowners a sense of privacy because it can go as high as you want. Wood fencing are also attractive and are relatively less expensive.

However, the eventual height and size of your Maui fencing will determine its price. The more lumber your Maui fencing requires, the higher its costs and the time it will require to install. More so, choosing wood as your Maui fencing option also enhances your home’s curb appeal. Wood fencing are also durable.

2. Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fences are typically rated as stronger and more flexible than wood fences. More so, Vinyl fences doesn’t require any type of paint and you can easily clean stains off it. With a good hose and soap, you can easily make your vinyl fence look new any time. While its more expensive to install, its durability and zero maintenance makes it a good option.

Maui fencing

3. Wrought Iron Fencing

 When you spot homes with remarkable designs on top of their fences, most times, the homeowners opt for a wrought iron fence. This Maui fencing option isn’t only beautiful, they are also strong and extremely durable. However, wrought iron fencing requires constant maintenance. For example, they require being repainted or sanded for about every two years. Wrought iron fencing are not cheap.

4. Aluminum Fencing

This type of Maui fencing is typically attractive but doesn’t provide a strong sense of security. But they are extremely easy to maintain. Aside installation and painting costs, Aluminum fencing hardly attract any other types of costs.

5. PVC Fencing

PVC is the cheapest Maui fencing option. PVC were initially used to replace pickets and wooden stakes. Though PVC aren’t as strong as woods, they can make up for woods. PVC fencing are installed in a variety of several colors and heights. And because of the material they are made of, they are durable and effectively resistant to the elements. This means PVC can lasts for many years.

6. Chain Link Fencing

This type of Maui fencing performs every function of a fence except adding privacy to a home. Chain link fencing are not expensive and they are good options for home and schools.

7. Electric Fencing

This type of Maui fencing is often invisible to contain dogs and other similar pets using an invisible field of electricity. Once installed, it warns pets through a sound pitch audible only to the animals. If the animal ignores the pitch and goes too close, it activates the electric shock.

8. Bamboo Fencing

This type of Maui fencing is environmentally friendly and attractive. Bamboo fencing is fast becoming a good option among some homeowners.

Regardless of the Maui fencing type you choose, having professionally installed fences on Maui will not only boost your home’s curb appeal but also increases the value of your property, and keep your yard secured. Contact us now to get started for a professionally installed fence.