The Best Maui Contractor In The Islands of Hawaii

19April 2023

Have you thought of going for a quality contracting service? Island Independence has been providing its service on the island of Maui since the 2000s. Over the years, our  business has been focusing on enhancing shelters through quality remodeling and various services to ensure a happy household for Maui homeowners. We make sure that each individual receives the excellent service they deserve. So let’s discuss more about why we are a trusted Maui contractor on the island.Maui contractors

Why Island Independence

At Island Independence, we ensure to treat your property with care. We specialize in a variety of services, from  excellent-quality paint coating to giving you the best windows for your shelter. So you can rest assured  that you’ll get only the best of our materials and services, and that your home and projects are restored and upgraded to their best form and state. 

Why Maui Citizens Trust Us

Citizens, mostly in Maui, have already witnessed the quality service and materials we’ve been providing them for a decade now. We’ve shared our fair share of expertise in establishing various buildings and projects, as well as making them look the best they can through our remodeling and designing skills. Both residential and commercial property owners have benefited from us through our offers and services. Thus, you can ensure that we guarantee Maui homeowners happiness and satisfaction by making their living experience much better through an improved home.

Explore More About Our Service

Here are our services offered as trusted Maui contractors, that guarantee excellence and high quality results for you and your properties.

Flooring Services

We offer the best and high quality floors for your house, with various kinds of designs available. With these options, you give the most creative and distinct character for your house. More importantly, prices are affordable so you can absolutely ensure that you’re getting quality while saving up on costs at the same time. 

Painting Services

Looking for high quality painting services in Hawaii? We can give your house the makeover it deserves through the excellent service of our licensed painters.We just don’t make your house beautiful, we also fill in the holes, cover the cracks, and put mould to their end!

Roofing Services

You can guarantee durable and reliable roofing material that provides comfort you deserve for your shelter from Island Independence. We offer various designs and sizes that best fit your home, as well as fixing all the necessary details in every corner to avoid possible leaks and similar cases. Weather conditions are nothing with high-quality materials that will protect you 24/7!

Dry Rot Service

Aside from the quality and durable materials and products we provide, we also provide services exclusively for dry rot and similar issues. Dry rot is usually caused by fungi, and we at Island Independence have the skills to eliminate it before they put a massive impact on your house and health. Dry rots can differ in effect, therefore, we also recommend our customers to change the whole wood structure if needed, instead of simply repairing it.

Choose Island Independence as your Trusted Maui Contractor

Island Independence will surely give you excellent benefits that will put your household in absolute comfort and security. More importantly, we’ll provide you with excellent-quality materials to ensure your house will be in good condition for a long time. Scout for your Maui contractor now at Island Independence.

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