How To Spot Termite Damage For Quick Termite Repair On Maui

20October 2020

Termite repair on Maui starts with identifying termite damage.  It’s important to identify potential and actual termite damage to get rid of the termites and repair the damage. Sometimes, termite damage is misidentified as water damage.

However, there are several key differences between both. Termite damage often show long tunnels along the grain, while water damage trigger cube-shaped scaling in wood. But there are many more ways to spot termite damage so you can quickly start a termite repair on Maui.

How to identify termite damage for termite repair on Maui

Once you spot the following signs of termite damage, don’t hesitate to reach out to a termite control professional for the best termite repair service on Maui:


This is one of the quickest ways to spot termite damage. Damp wood and subterranean termites usually swarm when the weather is hot, especially during the summer. Drywood termites often swarm from late summer into fall. So, once you spot swarms of termites anywhere around your home, it’s a sign that you’re most likely dealing with a termite infestation. More so, residual indication of swarms such as droppings that appear like coffee grounds and termite wings are clear indications of termite infestation. Swarming is a clear indication that you need termite repair on Maui.

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Buckling Wood

If you noticed buckling wood anywhere around your home, there are two major reasons for that. The first is excessive moisture, while the second is termite infestations. You can spot wood buckling anywhere around your home including crown molding, wood furniture, floorboards, and structural beams etc. Once you observe wood buckling, chances are that you’re dealing with termites and you shouldn’t hesitate to call a termite control professional for termite repair on Maui.

Swollen ceilings and floors   

Swollen floors and ceilings are telltale signs of either a termite colony or water damage. Once termites start burrowing into woods, it bulges and swell. Worst still, it weakens the wood. If that wood is erected as a pillar, the damage could be fatal if it goes down. Swollen ceiling, wood, or floors could turn out to be severe structural damage that may cave in anytime. Once you spot any of these signs of termite presence, reach out to a termite control professional for termite repair on Maui. You may end up needing a roof repair on Maui.

Mazes in furniture or walls

If you spot visible tunnels in woods anywhere around your home, it could be a clear indication of termite presence. When termites chew a path through furniture or walls, they create mazes. Once you start seeing these mazes, you need termite repair on Maui.

Smell of mildew or mold

As a termite colony grows into an infestation, they stink of mildew and mold. Once you clean up an area of mildew or mold and the smell still lingers, it could be an indication of termite presence. The most effective prevention method is to call a termite control expert for a thorough inspection. You may need a roof repair on Maui after all.

When is the right time to request for termite repair on Maui?

Once you spot any of the listed signs of termite presence and termite damage, reach out to a termite control expert immediately. The earlier you start your termite repair on Maui, the better it is and the more you can save on termite damage. At Island Independence, we can help you handle all types of termite damage. Contact us right away to put an end to any termite problem.