Signs You Need Termite Damage Repair on Maui

31January 2021

How can you tell you need a termite damage repair on Maui?

Most times, termites are usually hidden away while causing severe damage to the structural pillars of the home. In many cases, it’s often too late when the damage is detected. This means the homeowner has to spend a significant sum of money for termite damage repair on Maui. Sometimes, some part of the roof or structure of the home collapse and may cause injury.

However, all these are preventable if you know exactly how to spot termite damage early and perhaps call for termite damage repair on Maui before it escalates into a severe problem.

Telltale signs that you need termite damage repair on Maui

Hollow sounding or papery timber

Drywood termites are known for consuming wood from the inside out. Most times, their leftover is just the paint or a thin layer of timber. So, when you poke, tap, or knock on any termite-infested wood, you’ll most likely hear a hollow or papery sound. Since termites have eaten out inside of the wood, whatever is left sounds hollow. Whenever you observe this hollow or papery sound anywhere in your home, you need termite damage repair on Maui.

termite damage repair 2

Head Banging

Yes! You read that right. Soldier termites are known for banging their heads or shake their bodies against wood whenever the colony is troubled. They bang their heads against woods to signal danger to the rest of the colony. This is the clicking sound you hear from the wood when you put your ear close to any termite-infested wood.

Also, the worker termites, are the real culprits who take pride and pleasure in eating woodworks. Like the headbanging, if you put your ears close to any infested wood, you’ll most likely hear these loud eaters munching your wood away. If you hear any unusual sound coming out of your walls or any other woodwork in your home, chances are that you need a termite damage repair on Maui.

Tunnels in wood

Otherwise known as galleries, tunnels in the wood are extremely difficult to spot from outside. However, you may spot them in a piece of broken wood in your home. Once you spot that, you should be aware that the wood is already infested with termites. You shouldn’t hesitate to seek termite damage repair on Maui.

Flying termites

Also known as swarmer, flying termites anywhere around your home are often the first signs of termite infestation. The flying termites you see around are the ones that have left their nests to find a new mate and then start a new colony.

The colony they are leaving or the new one they intend to set up could be in your home or near your home. While some termite species swarm at night, others swarm during the day. Regardless of when they are swarming, once you spot flying termites or their left-over wings anywhere in or around your home, you should be concerned. You may need a termite damage repair on Maui.

Termite droppings

Also known as frass, termite droppings are key indications of termites and most often than not, dry wood termites. Termite droppings are some of the key things home inspectors often look for when inspecting for an infestation.

Unlike some other termites, dry wood termites don’t use their droppings for building tunnels. Rather, they push them out of small holes close to their tunnel entrance. If you spot small black marks and dark powdery substance anywhere around your home or woodwork, it could be dry wood termite dropping. Reach out to your termite damage repair expert on Maui straightaway!