Roof Waterproofing on Maui – 7 Tips to Prevent Water Damage

10October 2018

Roof waterproofing on Maui is essential in order to prevent any damage to your home.

The island of Maui may be known for its lovely, sunny weather. But heavy rains, storms or other natural events, such as a hurricane, can often be the cause of serious roofing issues. In time, small cracks and minor leaks can cause more damage that you can imagine.

When water suddenly enters your home, it can create significant problems. The costs to fix your roof and repair the damages can be high, so it’s always best to invest in roof waterproofing on Maui instead of having to repair or replace a wrecked roof in the future.

Before your roofing problems become too much to handle, consider hiring an experienced waterproofing contractor that can take a look at your roof right away. In the meantime, take a look at these 7 essential tips to waterproof your roof and make sure your home is safe from water damage all year round.

Roof Waterproof Solutions Maui

7 Essential Tips for effective roof waterproofing on Maui

1. Prune your trees regularly

Fallen branches could potentially represent a danger to your roof. Trim the trees close to your home regularly and prevent any damage that may be caused by strong winds or rain.

2. Remove fallen branches and dead leaves from your roof

In order to prevent water from accumulating on your roof and cause damage, make sure you remove all dead leaves and branches on a regular basis.

3. Replace any damaged, missing or curling shingles

A damaged, missing or curled shingle could allow water to enter your home through the roof. Don’t allow that to happen and prevent any water damage by replacing the shingles! Call a professional roofer on Maui right away if you notice any problems.

4. Always consider adding a water repellent layer on your roof

A water repellent layer does exactly what the name entails: it helps prevent water from leaking inside your home. Consult with an experienced roofer in order to correctly add a water repellent layer to your roof.

5. Use seam tape to waterproof a concrete roof

Concrete roofing can be “upgraded” by using seam tape. By applying it on the exterior of your roof and by making sure everything is properly sealed, you can prevent water from leaking in.

6. Make sure to insulate your attic

Attic insulation is essential. It prevents intense temperature shifts and keeps the heat inside your home. Any sudden temperature alterations could cause damage to your roof structure and that may end up costing your a fortune in repairs.

7. Hire an experienced waterproofing contractor instead of waterproofing your roof by yourself

It’s always recommended that you don’t take the DIY route when it comes to roof waterproofing on Maui. An amateurish approach may worsen the situation and repairing the damages may cost you a fortune in the long run.

Thinking that you roof can be damaged so easily by something as trivial as the rain can be frustrating. Don’t allow that to happen and consider investing in  roof waterproofing on Maui!