Questions to Ask Painting Contractors in Hawaii

2September 2019

When you’re looking for painting contractors in Hawaii, there are myriad reasons why you should work with the best professionals in the industry. In order for your home to look great, you can’t just hire anyone to take care of a big painting job if they don’t have enough experience.

That said, how exactly would you go about finding the best painting contractors in Hawaii?

In order to hire someone to do a great job and in return, have your home look amazing, here’s a series of questions you should ask prospective painters in order to make sure you’ve found the right professional.

1. Ask painting contractors in Hawaii if they have insurance

Painting isn’t a dangerous job per se, but you never know if anything should happen. Before hiring anyone to paint your home, make sure the contractor you talk to has sufficient insurance that can cover any possible accidents.

2. Avoid hiring any painting contractors in Hawaii who aren’t licensed

Needless to say, but a reliable painting professional should be licensed. So, the next time you interview potential painters to spruce up your home on the island, make sure you ask if they have a valid license.

3. Ask painting contractors in Hawaii the painting services come with a guarantee

When you’re hiring a painting contractor in Hawaii, you should make sure the job comes with a guarantee. A quality painting job should last for years, so make sure the professional you’re about to hire can vouch for their work in writing.

4. Make sure your painting contractor can offer you references

Obviously, before hiring anyone to do any work on your home, you should find out if they can offer you any past client references. A reliable professional should always stand behind their work, so if you notice the references you get are too few, you may benefit from interviewing a few more contractors before hiring someone to paint your home.

5. Find out how the painting contractor will prep your home for the job

A professional painting job involves a lot of prep work. So, if you’re about to hire someone, make sure they describe to you the exact process of preparing your home to be painted. Any holes or spots on the walls should be repaired and covered, your walls should be scraped so that the old paint will be removed etc. Keep in mind that the preparation for a painting job is just as important as the painting process.

6. Discuss the details of cleaning up your home after the painting job is done

You may expect that the contractor you’re about to hire will do everything, from start to finish. However, unless you have everything in writing, don’t expect that your painters will clean up after themselves when they’re done. That in mind, make sure you ask painting contractors in Hawaii about this aspect.

7. How much does a team of painting contractors in Hawaii cost?

Last but definitely not least, find out how much your painting job will cost and be wary of estimates that are too low. They may not guarantee a very good job.