7 Mistakes to Avoid With a New Construction on Maui

18February 2019

Are you familiar with the top mistakes homeowners should avoid when planning a new construction on Maui?

Whether you’re looking forward to building a new home or want to add a garage or install a Sunroom on your property, there are certain things you should make sure are done right and others that you should definitely avoid.

If you plan on investing in a new construction on Maui, here are 7 mistakes you shouldn’t make.

Maui Construction Project

Don’t confuse the rough estimate for your new construction on Maui with the actual price of the project

Even the very best contractors on the island can’t offer you a final quote right away when first discussing a new project. Typically, when it comes to building a home or making an addition to your property, the base price rarely matches the actual cost for the final construction.

That’s not to say you should panic if you were looking to build something on a budget. Consult with your contractor on what’s the best approach to finish your project.

Not doing your research on the Home Owners Association in your neighborhood is a mistake

Even if you’re looking forward to building your new home, you should always learn about the plans of your new neighborhood. Before you’re absolutely sure you’ll go ahead with the construction, you need to find out if you’re comfortable with the conditions that your new neighborhood has to offer.

Don’t be so sure your contractor isn’t willing to negotiate

You’re building a new house or a garage from scratch, so there isn’t any room for negotiation. Wrong! A good general contractor in Maui should always be able to negotiate.

Assuming you’re not looking for a professional to do the work for free, consult with your contractor on how you could save some money on your construction project.

Avoid borrowing the maximum amount from your bank for your new construction in Maui

You may be about to build the home of your dreams, but that doesn’t mean you should max out your mortgage. Keep in mind that your housing costs shouldn’t exceed 1/3 of your income.

It’s a mistake to believe that your project will go 100% smoothly

Depending on the size of your project, don’t be surprised if, at some point, something goes wrong. That’s not to say your new construction on Maui will be ruined. However, in order to avoid frustration, remember that things may not always go as planned. Don’t worry though, if you’ve hired a great general contractor from Maui, they’ll know what to do in order to get everything back on track.

Don’t forget to set a budget for your own responsibilities

Unless your contract says that everything will be done by the professionals, you should pay attention to your own responsibilities. Whether they include minor things, like taking care of your landscape, or bigger jobs, like putting up interior trim, don’t forget to set aside a budget for materials.

Not finishing your construction project as a whole could cost you more in the long run

If you’re looking to save money, keep in mind that not finishing everything you budgeted or planned for may actually cost more in the long run. It’s cheaper to pay for your new construction on Maui as a whole, instead of adding the finishing touches later on and risk paying a fortune on materials and labor.