How To Fix Dry Rot On Maui

20January 2021

Having a good knowledge of how to fix dry rot on Maui can make it easier for you to spot one and fix it before it escalates into a big structural problem. Dry rot isn’t only a threat to the structural stability of your home but it is also unattractive.

One of the most effective ways to figure out if you have dry rot or not is to poke the suspected wood with a screwdriver or a similar tool. If the wood feels spongy or if the screwdriver goes in easily, you probably have dry rot. Sometimes, you may be able to fix dry rot on Maui. Other times, you may have to replace the entire wood completely.

What causes dry rot?

A particular species of fungus that spores on land and wood causes dry rot. This fungus only needs enough moisture to survive despite its name. Once the wood is affected by dry rot, you can easily spot white or grey growth on the wood. As the dry rot worsen, you can observe a mushroom-like body. Some other visible indication of dry rot includes green algae on the wood, cracked or peeling paint, blistering, and darker wood than encircling areas, etc.

Some of the building materials most affected by dry rot include doorsills and windowsills. However, dry rot can grow into non-wood surfaces such as the ones in contact with the ground and this includes plaster and mortar.

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How to fix dry rot on Maui

If you’re certain that the area with dry rot can be fixed, there are several ways to get it done. But you should only attempt dry rot repair on your own only if you’re capable of getting the job done. Follow these simple steps to get started:

Remove as much of the dry rot infected wood as you can. You can use a wire brush or a chisel to get rid of the infected area.

If you’re unable to reach all the infected areas, inject an epoxy consolidant into the wood using drilled holes. Doing this will bolster the affected wood fibers and bond with the surrounding areas that aren’t affected.  You can get epoxy consolidant from home improvement stores.

You can use a wood-patching product to complete the repair once the epoxy consolidant has done its job. Start by applying the putty-like material to the rotted wood. As soon as it has done its job, you can reshape it to any form you want using sandpaper and a chisel.

When you’re trying to fix dry rot on Maui, you run the risk of not getting rid of all of the affected wood. This means the fungus can spread deeper into the structure of your building and inflict severe damage. However, you can hire an expert to help you fix dry rot on Maui.

Replacing wood damaged by dry rot

As mentioned earlier, you should only consider wood replacement all by yourself only if you’re capable of getting the job done. Or else, hire an expert to help you out.

Start by removing all rotted wood and an additional three feet of the surrounding wood. This is required to get rid of any fungus around the infected area. You should remove all ceilings, linings, plasters, and paneling to make sure the fungus is eradicated completely.

Clean all surfaces within about five feet of the rotted wood or any other material. Make sure you clean all surfaces and pipes. Once you’re done with that, apply a fungicide to all surfaces that are within five feet of the infected wood area. Then replace the damaged wood with pressure-treated wood. After that, replaster and paint with a zinc oxychloride product to stop dry rot from infecting the replaced wood.

Get rid of all rotted materials and dispose of them appropriately. Make sure all the affected wood is removed completely to stop the fungus from spreading further and causing more damage to the structure of your property.