How to Find a Good Roofer in Maui?

16September 2019

Wondering how to find a good roofer in Maui?

Finding the best professional to repair or replace your roof is a big concern for many homeowners on the island. After a big, nasty storm, for instance, you may need to hire someone to fix the damage, but that doesn’t mean you should “settle” for the first roofer you find.

That in mind, how to find a good roofer in Maui?

Keep reading to learn about 6 great tips that should help you find the best roofing professional on the island.

1. Getting at least 3 -4 proposals is the best tip on how to find a good roofer in Maui

Of course, in order to find the best professional, you should research and compare at least a few roofing services on the island. Make a list of the best roofers in your area and ask for at least 3 or 4 proposals before making a hiring decision.

2. Think twice before hiring the roofing contractor who presented you with the lowest bid

Once you get a number of different proposals, it’s important to keep in mind not to jump at the lowest bid. First, you should compare what every roofing professional offers for that price and of course, make sure you watch out for any hidden or extra costs.

3. Always make sure the roofer you’re about to hire is properly licensed and insured

Obviously, you shouldn’t hire someone to repair your roof if they aren’t licensed and insured. Make sure the roofing contractor you’re about to hire has a registration number and has proper insurance that can cover any possible nasty accidents.

4. Make sure you get your roofing job proposals in writing

How to find a good roofer in Maui? One tip to keep in mind is to never consider anything but an official proposal, in writing. It’s definitely OK to discuss the details or your roofing project and the costs in person, but make sure your roofer is clear about the difference between a quick estimate and a formal bid.

5. Find out more details about the costs and when the job will start and end

If the roofing professional isn’t very clear on certain details, don’t hesitate to ask when the payment is due and also, when will the job begin and when will it end. Some roofers prefer that a down-payment be made upfront while others would rather get paid in full after the job is done. In any case, you should also find out when will the job start and end, you’re going to need to adjust to having your roofer and their team of contractors around for the duration of roof replacement or repairs.

6. How to find a good roofer in Maui? Consider the ones that don’t pressure you to sign a contract

Always pay attention to anyone pressuring you into hiring them. If you’re looking for tips on how to find a good roofer in Maui, keep in mind that anyone who seems to insist too much on working with you may not be a very good candidate for the job.