How To Choose The Right Paint Color For House Painting On Maui

7January 2021

House painting on Maui is never a satisfying project without your most desired paint colors. Considering the endless number of available colors and shades, how exactly can you pick the right paint color on Maui?

Choosing the right colors for house painting on Maui

Here are practical tips for choosing the right paint colors for house painting on Maui:

Pick your décor before paint colors

Yes! If you have a new home, avoid making the mistake of picking your paint colors before your home décor. Why? This way it’s easier to pick a paint color that complements your furniture and décor than to pick décor and furniture that reinforces your paint colors.

But if your furniture and home décor are all set and you just need a change of color or a fresh coat of paint on your walls to bolster the home appeal, move on to the next tip.


Consider what inspires you

A good place to start is Pinterest. You can get lots of color inspirations on the platform. You should consider creating a board with the various colors you come across on the platform. Once you have a number of colors, odds are that you’ll be able to draw inspiration from them.

Go with neutrals

First, you’ll have to make up your mind about where exactly you want the colors during house painting on Maui. If you want the paint on the walls, don’t hesitate to consider bold colors. However, when you go bold on your walls, keep everything else in the room as neutral to avoid having too many colors competing with one another. For example, bold colors in the bathroom work so well because almost everything else in the room is already neutral or white.

Don’t be shy about using testers

To get a feel of how a paint might look like on your walls or anywhere else, buy testers in a few shades or colors. Once you have them paint a large enough area on various walls so you can examine how the light hits the color at various times of the day. Avoid testing your paints against white walls. White paints throw off colors. You should leave the test areas for a few days to really see how they compare at different times of the day.

house painting on maui 1

Rather than painting an entire space all in one color, split it by painting some accent walls or rooms a few shades darker or lighter on the same strip. This will add a strong depth to the painting and its colors on any house painting on Maui.

Select the right sheen

Sheens in paints are known for revealing flaws. If you’re painting to cover up flaws, consider as little sheen as possible.

Pay attention to undertones

Using the darkest color on the strip is one of the most effective methods of finding the true color. With this, you’ll be able to avoid paints that are too yellow, too pink, or too blue, etc.

Test your colors against furniture and fabrics

You shouldn’t stop at testing your colors on the walls only. Rather, consider painting a piece of poster board and then hold it up against your table, sofa, and other furniture in the room to see how they blend or contrast. While your aim may not be for the entire colors to match, you’ll most likely want the undertones to blend perfectly.