How I Found The Best House Painters Near Me on Maui

25November 2020

Painting your home on Maui will transform its appearance completely, making it more appealing while reinforcing its curb appeal. When you’re ready to paint, one of the key questions you’ll most likely ask is how do I find house painters near me on Maui?

Anyone who has ever had their home painted will most likely have asked a similar question at some point. Whether you need an exterior painter or an interior painter , I have highlighted the key things you’ll have to do to find the right house painter near you on Maui. 

Things I did to find the best house painters near me on Maui

Here’s a list of the things I did to find house painters near me on Maui:

Plan your budget

Budget is one of the key things I considered while searching for house painters near me on Maui. The scale of your project, the quality of materials you intend to use, and the amount of prep work the entire project requires will eventually affect your budget. Without a realistic budget, finding house painters near me on Maui would have been difficult.

house painter near me on Maui

Consider all feasible options

When I was searching for house painters near me on Maui, the following are the key places I considered:

  • Referrals from friends, family members and loved ones
  • Several reputable online review sites on Maui
  • Search engines like Google

You’ll have to make up your mind on the most crucial thing that you’d like to consider when hiring house painters near you on Mui.

  • Is price a factor?
  • Are you concerned about the reputation of the contractor?
  • What about proximity

These are some of the key things I had to consider while searching for house painters near me on Maui.

Ask the right questions

Make a list of the potential house painters you can hire  on Maui based on your feasible options. Pay attention to how each contractor on your shortlist respond to emails, phone calls or even chats. Here are the key questions I asked while searching for house painters near me on Maui:

  • How long have you been a house painter on Maui?
  • Do you offer any form of warranty?
  • Can you offer a list of references of not fewer than 3 clients on Maui?
  • How soon can you complete the project?
  • Are your workers and company insured as required by law?
  • Are you a member of any professional painting organization?
  • What top-quality product can you recommend for the job?
  • Am I required to buy the paints or will you provide paints and other materials?
  • Will you hire any subcontractors or employees?
  • Are you lead-safe certified?
  • Who will be responsible for the post renovation cleaning?

Reach out to references

Once the house painters near you on Maui provide lists of references, it’s up to you to contact those references to verify their claims. Don’t hesitate to ask each of the references about the quality of services of each contractor. Ask about schedules, communications, and customer support too. You need all these details to make an informed decision.

Hold out

Avoid making a large down payment when you hire a house painter near you on Maui. A down payment of 15 – 20% is fine once every aspects of the contract is finalized. Make sure you withhold the last payment until you’re satisfied with the quality of the overall work done.