Highly Recommended Roofing Companies in Maui

19April 2023

Weather conditions and various roof issues that wear down our shelters are inevitable. At Island Independence, we introduce our excellent roofing service to you, letting you know that you’ll never be alone in seeking solutions for your roofing problems. We offer all sorts of materials and actions for your roof, making it more durable regardless of the weather. With us, one is guaranteed a highly functional roof that gets by in any circumstance. So if you have questions and concerns, we got a brief guideline of what to expect from us as one of the trusted roofing companies in Maui. Check it out below!roofing companies

Our Roofing Services

We at Island Independence are proud of our excellent roofing service that has been providing numerous benefits for Maui citizens.. As one of the most trusted roofing companies in Maui, we ensure to provide only top-notch roofing service to every household that comes to us. Best believe, you’ll be able to avail our quality service for different roof issues. Regardless of the kind of roofing you have on your house, we’re all ears to listen to your concerns and we’ll do our best to put an end to your discomfort!

We would like to share some of the services we offer for your roof.

Basic Roof Repairs

It doesn’t matter if your roofing issues are complicated or not, we’ve prepared everything you need to get the job done. Minor issues like cracks and leaks will be done in no time. We do it in a handy manner so expect absolute efficiency from us, especially in basic roof issues. 

Gutter Setup

Gutter preparation and setup will be provided well. We ensure our customers that they get a reliable gutter that can sustain through various weather conditions, especially during heavy rains and typhoons. More importantly, we install high-quality gutters that give you the proper assistance of managing different forms of water flow.

New Construction

Some roofing issues don’t just need minimal repairs here and there, so we want to let people know that our service extends up until helping you out choose the best and suitable roof type and material for you. If needed, we may recommend to replace your roofs with newer and better ones. Never settle with outdated roofs and materials! 


We put new shingles to keep your roof in check, which is much cheaper than doing an overall roof replacement which will also consume a lot of time. Re-roofing provides a better aid of managing leaks and similar problems. Basically, re-roofing guarantees a couple of benefits, especially in terms of ensuring a long-lasting good condition for your roofing essentials.

Certified and Qualified Roofing Company in Maui

On top of that, our roofing contractors are fully certified! You won’t be mistaken in choosing our service as we will guarantee it’s worth it, and will provide you the big fix you’ve been needing. Island Independence will surely be one call away for your questions and concerns. 

If you wish to schedule a roofing service, feel free to drop by our page!