What To Consider Before Fence Installation Near Me on Maui

25January 2021

Searching for a fence installation company near me on Maui is one of the easiest methods of finding professional fence installers on the island. But that’s not all you’ll have to do if you need a fence installer on the island.  We have outlined several key things to consider before searching for a fence installation company near me on Maui.

Things to do before searching for a fence installation company near me on Maui

Start with surveying your property

If your fence creeps into the yard of your neighbor, it could cause legal trouble. So, before considering fence installation near me on Maui, have your property surveyed to make sure your fence is built on your own property. You should also check your boundary survey which is often done each time a property is sold. This is mostly true if your property hasn’t been surveyed in the last five years or maybe there was no surveying done when you bought your home. Get it done before fencing.

Fence Installation Near Me on Maui

You shouldn’t make the mistake of relying on what your neighbors said or your family friends across the street. What happens if your neighbors relocate and then a new homeowner moves in and did the survey? The survey could show your fence is ten feet into their property. This is one situation you can avoid easily with a survey.

Understand your local fence rules

Your town or community may have one or more fence rules. You should find out if they do before you search for a fence installation service near me on Maui. Make sure you learn all the fencing rules in your area before designing your fence. For example, find out if there are material, location, or height limitations before designing your fence. You shouldn’t end up breaking any rule that could cost you money such as pulling down some parts of the fence or uninstalling them completely.

Notify your neighbors

While surveying your land and learning about local fence laws, you should use that opportunity to have a little conversation with your neighbor. Tell your neighbors about your plans to install a fence, which will most likely give their property a facelift too.

Most neighbors won’t consider this a problem, since you’ve either completed the surveying or still working on it. If your neighbors don’t buy the idea, you can still go ahead with your plans. As long as you aren’t encroaching on their land, you aren’t breaking any law whatsoever.

Hire professionals

There are so many things a DIY effort is good for. Fencing isn’t one of them, except if you’re a professional doing your fence all by yourself. If not, hire a professional for the job. If you end up with an ugly fence, your entire property will be viewed from the perspective of the ugly fence. In fact, if you’re looking to sell the property, the ugly fence can reduce the value of the property. That’s how bad it can get.  Here are key things you’ll get when you hire a professional fencing company.

Fence materials

The type of fence materials you opt for will most likely determine your budget for the entire project. You should consider having a conversation with the fence installer you intend to hire about the most suitable material for your job. While some fencing materials are more expensive than others, some are also more durable or more beautiful than others. Here are the common types of fence materials on Maui:

  • Aluminum
  • Wood
  • PVC
  • Wrought Iron
  • Vinyl
  • Chain Link
  • Electric
  • Bamboo
  • Farm