Drone Inspection Cost on Maui – Is it Worth it?

9September 2019

With modern technology evolving at such a rapid rate, many homeowners or commercial building owners on the island may be wondering about the drone inspection cost on Maui.

Should you hire a professional who uses drone technology to inspect your roof? What are the costs, the timeline and is it worth it?

It’s a well known fact that, for the past few years, drones have taken over the world by storm. When it comes to capturing high quality, high resolution images from up above, these little gadgets can do wonders. So how does a roofing inspector use them to assess the condition of a home and what’s a fair drone inspection cost on Maui?

Nowadays, there are many professionals who skip manual inspections in favor of modern technology. Here’s a breakdown of the drone inspection cost on Maui and why you may or may not benefit from trying it out.

Is the drone inspection cost on Maui worth it?

For a thorough roof inspection on the island, drone technology is a much better option when compared to traditional methods of inspecting a roof on a house or on a different building.

First of all, using drones is much safer than having to literally, climb up a roof. While professional roofers do know how to stay safe, flying a drone above a roof to inspect it will definitely lower the risk of an accident to zero. Besides, hovering a drone above the roof will also prevent the roof inspector from walking and possibly damaging your shingles.

Although it’s true that no digital camera can replace the human eye, another great advantage of using a drone to inspect a roof is the quality of the images it can capture. Being able to capture a high definition view of a roof will give the inspector a good overall idea about its condition. Furthermore, capturing great images and high quality videos during an inspection will definitely come in handy if you or the roofing inspector believe something was left out during the initial inspection.

What are the downsides of hiring a drone roof inspection service on Maui?

Even though drone roof inspections come with myriad advantages, in some cases there may be a few downsides to using drone technology.

For instance, drones aren’t cheap. This means that, if you’d like to have your roof thoroughly inspected, you should hire the best roofing professional on the island who has invested in the best technology on the market.

Some drones may cost as little as $500, but they’re typically used by kids and people to pursue a hobby. Professionals should invest in good quality equipment, even if that would mean that the final drone inspection cost on Maui will be elevated.

But even so, hiring a roof inspector who has invested in a good quality drone is still worth it. After all, when it comes to the roof above your head, you should always think twice before hiring the cheapest roofing service.

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